Computer Science

The research group of Computer Science of DMI is large, its components are: Sebastiano BattiatoGiampaolo BellaDomenico CantoneDario CatalanoVincenzo CutelloGiovanni FarinellaSimone FaroGiovanni GalloFabrizio Messina, , Marianna NicolosiGiuseppe PappalardoMario PavoneCorrado SantoroFilippo StancoEmiliano Tramontana

The research arguments of the group are numerous and cover an ample range: 

Archeomatic: ( research and applications of informatics to cultural heritage. From 3D scanning to modellization, from Image Processing to Computer Vision. Filippo Stanco

Image Processing Lab: ( Assistive Technologies, Computer Vision, Multimedia Security and Forensics, First Person (Egocentric) Vision, Health, Medical Imaging, Multimedia, Social Media Mining. Giovanni Gallo, Sebastiano Battiato, Filippo Stanco, Giovanni Farinella

Artifical Intelligence and Natural Computaion:  hybrid evolutive algorithms, based on optimized population solutions with greedy techniques from combinatoric optimization. Vincenzo Cutello, Mario Pavone

Robotics and Autonomous Systems: platforms and languages for the planning of objectives and behaviour of autonomous robotic systems. Self-organizing systems. Algorithms and platforms for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Flocking algorithms for  UAV. Corrado Santoro, Fabrizio Messina

Cybersecurity: ( informatics security problems and privacy in real world in web transactions, university tests, socio-technological aspects, regulatory aspects, ethic hacking. Giampaolo Bella

Cryptography: cryptography based on passwords, electronic voting and cryptographic primitives with special properties (such as homomorphic signatures and functional encryption). Dario Catalano

String matching: Domenico Cantone, Simone Faro, Marianna Nicolosi

Software Engineering and  Engineering of Distributes Systems: solutions for the analysis of software systems to assist the refactoring of the code, the generation of tests, the design of software architectures and the distribution of codes. Giuseppe Pappalardo, Emiliano Tramontana

Network and Security Informatics: solutions for the security of modern network systems, see Giampaolo Bella