Giuseppe ZAPPALA'

Associate Professor of Geometry [MAT/03]

Giuseppe Zappalà was born in Catania on 27/9/1970.

In 1993 he graduated in Mathematics at the University of Catania. In the same year he won a scholarship
of the National Institute of Higher Mathematics.

In 1999 he obtained the title of PhD in Mathematics at the University of Palermo.
He has been a Researcher at the University of Catania since 1996, disciplinary scientific sector MAT / 03.

Since 2021 he has been Associate Professor at the DMI of the University of Catania, scientific disciplinary sector MAT/03.

His research interests mainly concern Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry.

Personal data:
Born in Catania on 27 September 1970
Italian citizen

"Degree in Mathematics", University of Catania (1993)
Speaker: Alfio Ragusa
Thesis entitled: "The Hilbert-Burch theorem and applications"
PhD, University of Palermo (1999)
Speaker: Alfio Ragusa
Thesis entitled: "The 0-dimensional subschemes of irreducible curves in P^3"

Scholarship at the National Institute of High Mathematics (1993-1994)

Researcher at the University of Catania since 1996.

Associate Professor at the DMI of the University of Catania since 2021.

Research topics addressed
I dealt with research topics in the field of Algebraic Geometry and Commutative Algebra.
More specifically, I dealt with the following topics:
Hilbert functions of 0-dimensional subschemes of irreducible curves lying on a quadric surface;
arithmetically Gorenstein schemes;
fat points and fat patterns in projective spaces;
construction of patterns with particular properties;
reducibility of the Hilbert scheme of points in codimension 3 and connection with the existence of minimal Betti sequences;
properties of subschemes of sets of points;
merges of aCM patterns and full intersection patterns;
0-dimensional subschemas of products of projective spaces;
nearly complete intersections;
weak and strong Lefschetz properties;
configurations of algebraic varieties.

Scientific communications

"On the weak Lefschetz property for artinian Gorenstein algebras", Palermo, February 2012;
"The graded Betti numbers for almost complete intersections in codimension 3", Villafranca Tirrena, September 2009;
"r-codimensional Gorenstein schemes and almost complete intersections", Messina, November 2008;
"Subschemes of schemes with given graded Betti numbers", Piraino, September 2004;
"On some constructions of reduced aCM schemes", Acicastello, June 2002;
"3-Codimensional Gorenstein Arithmetic Schemes", Gargano, May 2000.

Other scientific activities
Referee for national and international journals.
Reviewer for Zentralblatt MATH

- Pragmatic (School of Research) in Catania 1997-2012 (15 editions)
- Pragmatic (Promotion of Researches in Algebraic Geometry for MAThematicians in Isolated Centers) is a research school whose activities take place annually at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Catania. The courses are taught by internationally renowned experts. It has helped train a large number of algebraic algebraists and geometers from all over the world.
- He has been a member of the organizing committee of various international conferences.

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Main research topics:

- Hilbert functions of graded algebras;

- Betti numbers of graduated algebras;

- Properties of the curves on the smooth quadric;

- Gorenstein algebras;

- Structure theorems for free graduated resolutions;

- Multiple algebraic varieties;

- Lefschetz property;

- Perazzo algebras;

- Almost complete intersection schemes;

- Almost Gorenstein schemes