Seminario - Recent trends in AI-Robotics

la presente per invitarvi al seminario dal titolo “Recent trends in AI-Robotics” che sarà tenuto dal prof Daniele Nardi, Direttore del Laboratorio Nazionale Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems del CINI, giorno 29 settembre alle ore 10:30 nell’Aula 124 del Dipartimento di Matematica e informatica. L’abstract del seminario è in calce.


Ci sarà anche modo di approfondire le attività del Lab AIIS del CINI.



Recent trends in AI-Robotics 

In this talk, we first try to spot the major breakthroughs in the research on Autonomous Robots, since the first experiments in the '60ies. Then we present three research efforts that we are currently undertaking in order to face some of the challenges that are still open to improve robot autonomy. The first one is concerned with the enrichment of the representation of the operational environment, called semantic map; the second one is related to the development of robots that can support "pizzutello" grape harvesting and the third one is about robot soccer. We conclude by trying to identify the next challenges to be addressed by future research.