Seminario - Academic Journey Traceability Through Blockchain: a Brazilian experiment

Nell'ambito delle attività del polo UniCT del CINI Cybersecurity Lab, 
il 23 gennaio 2024 in Aula 22 DMI alle ore 11:30. il Prof Jean Martina, della Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brasile, terrà un seminario intitolato "Academic Journey Traceability Through Blockchain: a Brazilian experiment"
Jean Martina:
Academic Journey Traceability Through Blockchain: a Brazilian experiment
This presentation unveils a groundbreaking project currently underway in Brazil, aiming to integrate over 3,500 higher education institutions into a unified blockchain network. The primary objective is to meticulously track and trace the academic journeys of every Brazilian citizen, addressing the pressing issue of fraudulent higher education titles in the country.
The talk will delve into the development of a standardized interpretability for digital documents utilized in education. This innovative standard forms the backbone of a robust blockchain system, enabling the implementation of diverse features. One of the pivotal outcomes of this project is the mitigation of higher education title fraud, a pervasive issue where individuals procure counterfeit degree certificates from illicit markets to advance socially.
Furthermore, the presentation will outline the creation of a user-friendly app, allowing every citizen to access and review their academic journey seamlessly. This app, designed for mobile phones, provides a comprehensive view of one's educational progression from kindergarten to a Ph.D., fostering transparency and empowering individuals with control over their academic records.
The introductory discussion will focus on the themes of high interoperability in digital documents and the integration of blockchain technology in the education sector. Additionally, the presentation will include a comparative analysis between blockchain initiatives in Latin America and Europe, shedding light on the diverse approaches adopted by these regions. Join us as we explore the transformative potential of blockchain technology in enhancing academic transparency and curbing fraudulent practices in higher education.