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For the first two years the course of study is common to all students. During the third year we propose two curricula: one theoretical and one applicative.

The students that in 22/23 register to their third year of study must fill a form called MODULO PIANO DI STUDI (study plan form) and must submit it to the staff office and to the President by September 30 (also via email). The study plans will be approved by the Bachelor Course Council (or amendments will be eventually proposed).

Students must enrolled before presenting the study plan form.

Students that possess valid certification for the 6CFU of english, or of other type of topics, must present documentation to  Scientific Secretary Office "" by October 10. See also Students Guide

Curriculum for those enrolled in 23/24 (see among documents list)
Curriculum for those enrolled in 22/23
First and second year
Third year theoretical curriculum - Third year applicative curriculum