PhD in Computer Science

Coordinator: prof. Sebastiano Battiato
Length: 3 years

Description and objectives of the school

The primary objective of the PhD school is to form young researchers in Base Informatics and in its Applications, and to create professionals that can find work in University Reseaerch and in Industry. The student will be able to:

  • be autonomous in research, and produce scientific results that have international validity or that can have a technological fallout;
  • develop together with other researchers projects on the arguments of the school;
  • coordinate small teams that perform research both in academia and in industry;
  • communicate at international level their results;
  • critically evaluate results and scientific literature.

The program of the school articulates on three levels: attendance of classes (mainly the first two years); research finalized to obtain the results that will be written in the final theses; PhD theses, under the supervisione of members of the Faculty (during the third year). Students will participate to seminars, and will be financed to visit other institutions, in Italy or abroad, in Universities of Industries that are available to support stages or research projects. 

List of Phd students:
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