Seminario - Deep learning for health informatics and medical interventions

Il giorno 16 Marzo 2018, ore 17, Aula 145, tra le attività del corso “Machine Learning” (Laurea in Informatica Magistrale - Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica) è previsto il seminario i cui dettagli sono riportati sotto.

Daniele Ravì

Titolo Talk:
Deep learning for health informatics and medical interventions
Abstract del Talk:
With a massive influx of multimodality data, the role of data analytics in health informatics and medical intervention has grown rapidly in the last decade. This has also prompted increasing interests in the generation of analytical, data driven models based on machine learning. Deep learning, a technique with its foundation in artificial neural networks, has emerged in recent years as a powerful tool for machine learning, promising to reshape the future of artificial intelligence. Improvements in computational power, fast data storage, and parallelization have also contributed to the rapid uptake of the technology in addition to its predictive power and ability to generate automatically optimized high-level features and semantic interpretation from the input data. This seminar will present a comprehensive review of research employing deep learning techniques in medical intervention, providing a critical analysis of the relative merit, and potential pitfalls of the technique as well as its future outlook. Finally, some approaches that can be used in clinical practice, such as the human activity recognition, brain cancer detection, and the super-resolution for low-quality medical images will also be introduced.
D. Ravi, A. B. Szczotka , D. I. Shakir, S. P Pereira, T. Vercauteren “Effective deep learning training for single-image super-resolution in endomicroscopy exploiting video-registration-based reconstruction ” Submitted to IPCAI 2018
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