Seminario - Are you a Hybrid? Yes, of course, everyone is a Hybrid nowadays!

Venerdì 27 Novembre, alle ore 16, il prof. Christian Blum, Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, Spanish National Research Council, terrà un seminario online tramite la piattaforma Teams, per la durata orientativa di 1h.
Il seminario è aperto a tutti utilizzando il link sotto riportato.
Title: "Are you a Hybrid? Yes, of course, everyone is a Hybrid nowadays!"
Summary: During the last decade, research on metaheuristics in the context of combinatorial optimization has experienced an interesting shift towards the hybridization of metaheuristics with other techniques for optimization. At the same time, the focus of research has changed from being rather algorithm-oriented to being more problem-oriented. The focus is nowadays rather on solving a problem at hand, and not so much about promoting a certain metaheuristic. This has led to an enormously fruitful cross-fertilization of different areas of optimization, algorithmics, mathematical modeling, operations research, statistics, simulation, and other fields. This cross-fertilization has resulted in a multitude of powerful hybrid algorithms that were obtained by combining metaheuristics with mathematical programming, dynamic programming, constraint programming, and lately also with machine learning. Nowadays nearly all high-performance optimization techniques in combinatorial optimization are hybrids. In this talk we provide a short glimpse on some recent developments from this fi

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