Conferenza - Metric Analysis & Regularity

dal 24 al 28 Settembre 2018, presso il nostro Dipartimento, si terrà una conferenza dal titolo Workshop "MAR": Metric Analysis & Regularity.

The goal of this workshop is to group together experts, young researchers, and students working in Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory, in order to discuss the state of the art, some recent results, and some of the major open problems in the fields of Metric Analysis and Regularity theory for geometric and variational problems and to foster exchange of ideas and collaboration.

The mornings will be devoted to three lecture series of 3x90 minutes each, by Luigi Ambrosio, Aldo Pratelli, and Emanuele Spadaro. Seminar sessions will be organized in the afternoons.


Organizers: Simone Di MarinoAndrea Marchese, Daniele Puglisi.

L. Ambrosio: Well-posedness of ODE's in metric measure spaces 
A. Pratelli: The isoperimetric problem in the Euclidean space with densities 
E. Spadaro: How a minimal surface leaves a thin obstacle

Speakers: Luigi Ambrosio, David Bate, Katrin FässlerMatteo FocardiNicola Fusco, Olga Maleva, Annalisa Massaccesi, Emanuel Milman, Aldo Pratelli, Emanuele Spadaro, Daniele Valtorta, Davide Vittone.

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