Professor of Informatics [INF/01]
Office: 309, edificio 2, Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica
Email: catalano@dmi.unict.it
Phone: 095 7383030
Fax: 095 330094
Web Site: catalano.dmi.unict.it/
Office Hours: Monday from 12:00 to 13:00 o per appuntamento


  • Laurea in Scienze dell'Informazione (Master in Computer Science) (Università di Catania), 1995. Grade: 110/110 cum laude.
  • Ph.D. in Computer Science (Università di Catania), 2002.


Positions Held

  • 1st MArch 2020 - present: Professor, Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica Università di Catania - Catania, Italy.
  • 1st October 2006 - 29th February 2020: Associate Professor, Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica Università di Catania - Catania, Italy.
  • 1st October 2003 -  30th September 2006: Chargé de Recherche (titulaire) au CNRS (Researcher at the French CNRS - Permanent position). Computer Science Department, Ecole Normale Superieure - Paris.
  • 1st October 2002 - 30th September 2003: Chargé de Recherche (stagiaire) au CNRS (Researcher at the French CNRS). Computer Science Department, Ecole Normale Superieure - Paris.
  • Nov 2001 - September 2002: Post-Doctoral Researcher, Computer Science Department of Ecole Normale Superieure - Paris.
  • Visiting Scholar. Computer Science Department, Columbia University (New York, NY, USA). January 1999 - Novembre 2000
  • Visiting student. IBM T.J. Watson Research Center (Hawtorne NY, USA). January 2001 - April 2001.

Selected Publications (in chronological order)

F. Bergadano, D. Catalano and S. Varricchio. Learning SAT-k DNF formulas from Membership queries. Proc. of ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing (STOC) 1996 

D.Catalano and R. Gennaro. New Efficient and Secure Protocols for Verifiable Signature Sharing and Other ApplicationsJ. Comput. Syst. Sci. 61(1) 2000 

D. Catalano, R. Gennaro and S. Halevi. Computing inverses over a shared secret modulus. Proc. of EUROCRYPT 2000

D. Catalano, R. Gennaro and N. Howgrave-Graham. The Bit Security of Paillier’s Encryption Scheme and its Applications. Proc. of EUROCRYPT 2001

D. Catalano, R. Gennaro,  N. Howgrave-Graham and P. Nguyen. Paillier’s Cryptosystem Revisited Proc. 8th ACM Conference on Computer and Communication Security (ACM CCS), 2001

E. Bresson, D. Catalano and D. Pointcheval. A Simple Public-Key Cryptosystem with a Double Trapdoor Decryption Mechanism and its Applications. Proc. of ASIACRYPT 2003.

A. Juels, D. Catalano and M.  Jakobsson. Coercion-Resistant Electronic Elections. Proc. of ACM Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society (WPES), 2005.

M. Abdalla, M. Bellare, D. Catalano, E. Kiltz, T. Kohno, T. Lange, J. Malone-Lee, G. Neven, P. Paillier and H. Shi. Searchable Encryption Revisited: Consistency Properties, Relation to Anonymous IBE, and Extensions. Proc. of CRYPTO 2005.

D. Catalano, D. Pointcheval and T. Pornin. Trapdoor Hard-to-Invert Isomorphisms and their Application to Password-Based Authentication.  Journal of Cryptology Vol. 20 (1), 2007. 

D. Catalano, Dario Fiore and Mariagrazia Messina. Zero-Knowledge Sets with Short Proofs. Proc. of EUROCRYPT 2008

D. Catalano, D. Fiore and B. Warinschi. Adaptive Pseudofree Groups and Applications. Proc. of EUROCRYPT 2011.

D. Catalano and D. Fiore. Practical Homomorphic MACs for Arithmetic Circuits. Proc. of EUROCRYPT 2013.

M. Abdalla, D. Catalano, D. Fiore. Verifiable Random Functions: Relations to Identity-Based Key Encapsulation and New ConstructionsJ. Cryptology 27(3), 2014.

D. Catalano, D. Fiore and B. Warinschi. Homomorphic Signatures with Efficient Verification for Polynomial Functions. Proc. of CRYPTO 2014.

D. Catalano and D. Fiore. Using Linearly-Homomorphic Encryption to Evaluate Degree-2 Functions on Encrypted Data.  Proc. of ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (ACM CCS) 2015

D. Catalano, D. Fiore and L. Nizzardo. Programmable Hash Functions Go Private: Constructions and Applications to (Homomorphic) Signatures with Shorter Public Keys. Proc. of CRYPTO 2015

C. Baltico, D. Catalano, D. Fiore and R. Gay. Practical Functional Encryption for Quadratic Functions with Applications to Predicate Encryption  Proc. of CRYPTO 2017.

M. Abdalla, D. Catalano, D. Fiore, R. Gay and B. Ursu. Multi-Input Functional Encryption for Inner Products: Function-Hiding Realizations and Constructions without Pairings. Proc. of CRYPTO 2018.  


Academic Year  

Teachings held in other departments in the academic year 2020/2021

Over the last twenty years, my research activity has been concerned mainly with cryptography and, in particular, to reducing the gap between theory and practice in cryptography. My research agenda mostly concentrates on foundational issues inspired by practical needs and on questions related to the realizations of secure and efficient cryptographic constructions addressing such needs. Such topics include, for example, password based cryptography, electronic voting and, in particular, cryptographic primitives with special properties (e.g. homomorphic signatures and MACs, homomorphic/functional encryption).

In the early stages of my career I was also interested in the theory of machine learning.