Seminario - The Quantum Cyclic Rotation Gate

Alle ore 10:10, nell'aula Anile 124, la prof.ssa Caterina Viola, Unievrsità di Catania, terrà un seminario dal titolo "The Quantum Cyclic Rotation Gate"

A circular shift operator (or cyclic rotation gate) ROTk applies a rightward (or leftward) shift of k positions to a register of n qubits so that the element at position x is moved to position x+k mod n. While it is known that there exists a quantum rotation operator that can be implemented in O(log(n))-time, through the repeated parallel application of the elementary Swap operators, there is no systematic procedure that concretely constructs the quantum operator ROT for variable size n of the quantum register and a variable parameter k. We show a concrete implementation of the cyclic rotation operator (denoted ROT) in a quantum circuit model of computation. The depth of the obtained circuit implementing the cyclic rotation operator is upper-bounded by log n.