Seminario - A dynamic-Immersed Boundary approach for Fluid/Structure Interaction in Biology”

Il Dott. Alessandro Coclite del Politecnico di Bari sarà nostro ospite nei giorno 25,26,27 gennaio e terrà un seminario dal titolo “A dynamic-Immersed Boundary approach for Fluid/Structure Interaction in Biology”. 
Luogo, data e ora: Aula Anile 124, mercoledì 25 Gennaio 2023, ore 10:00-11:00
Margination is a process that occurs in bloodstream, in which particles, such as white blood cells and platelets, accumulate along the walls of blood vessels, thus resulting easily accessible to tissue that may be damaged or infected. Here a numerical framework for computing the vascular journey of blood borne particles and cells is presented. The incompressible Navier–Stokes equation is modeled through a BGK-Lattice Boltzmann scheme endowed with a forcing term accounting for the presence of immersed geometries. Dirichlet boundary conditions are imposed on moving
deformable or rigid geometries through a dynamic-Immersed Boundary method, while, on fixed immersed geometries a second-order mass-conserving bounce-back technique is adopted. The proposed computational framework is thoroughly analyzed in term of its stability and accuracy. This approach is employed to detail transport, dynamic, and deformation of micrometric capsules into microfluidics chip and capillaries. [1, 2] Moreover, preliminary findings on the problem of coupling the incompressible Navier-Stokes with nonlinear peridynamics [3] will be discussed.
[1] Alessandro Coclite, Sergio Ranaldo, Giuseppe Pascazio, and Marco D. de Tullio. A lattice Boltzmann dynamic immersed boundary scheme for the transport of deformable inertial capsules in low-re flows. Computers & Mathematics with Applications, 80(12):2860 – 2876, 2020.
[2] A. Coclite, M.D. de Tullio, G. Pascazio, and T. Politi. Characterization of micro-capsules deformation in branching channels. Applied Mathematics and Computation, 434:127445, 2022.
[3] Alessandro Coclite, Giuseppe Maria Coclite, Francesco Maddalena, and Tiziano Politi. A numerical framework for nonlinear peridynamics on two-dimensional manifolds based on implicit P-(EC)k schemes. arXiv preprint arXiv:2207.06022, 2022.