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Academic Year 2016/2017 - 1° Year
Teaching Staff Credit Value: 18
Scientific field: MAT/05 - Mathematical analysis
Taught classes: 105 hours
Term / Semester: 1° and 2°

Learning Objectives

  • MODULO 1

    The student will learn the principal concepts and technics of Mathematical Analysis.

  • MODULO 2

    Student will learn the main concepts and techniques of basic Mathematical Analysis and how they can be connected each other in order to study and solve theoretic as well as applicative questions coming from Mathematics and/or other Sciences

Detailed Course Content

  • MODULO 1

    1. Real and complex numbers

    2. Sequences and series

    3. Continuous functions

    4. Differential calculus

  • MODULO 2
    • Indefinite integration. Riemann integration. Improper integration
    • Differential calculus for real functions of one real variable
    • Real functions of more variables: limits, continuity, derivability and differentiability, estreme values of functions
    • Methods to solve differential equations

Textbook Information

  • MODULO 1

    1. G. Emmanuele, Analisi Matematica 1, Pitagora

  • MODULO 2

    G. Emmanuele, Analisi Matematica 1, Pitagora Editrice Bologna (seconda edizione) 2016


    A quite long and exaustive list of exercises books can be found inside webpage of prof. G. Emmanuele ( )