Academic Year 2023/2024 - Teacher: Giovanni GALLO

Expected Learning Outcomes

The course will cover theoretical notions and training in application of Computer Graphics to scientific and technical applications. In particular:
- Data Visualization. Principal paridgms and techniques with reference to the Seaborn library (1 CFU)
- Basics of Computer Aided Geometric Design (1 CFU)
- Geometric Processing of digital meshes (2 CFU)
- Introduction to visual programming (graphical nodes in Blender) (1 CFU)
- Python scripting for Computer Graphics (in Blender) (1 CFU)

Required Prerequisites

Recommended (not mandatory): frist clas in Computer Graphics.
Descriptive statistics-
Basic Python skills.
Basic Blender skills.

Attendance of Lessons

According to the rules of the Corso di Studio

Detailed Course Content

Data Visualization, catalogue of graohical presentations for multidimensinal data using Matplotlib and Seaborn.
Basics od CAGD: Bezier curves, splines, NURBS.
basics of Geometric processing on 3d meshes and discrete differential geometry.
Visual programming with nodes in Blender.
Scripting Python for Blender.

Course Planning

 SubjectsText References
1Scientific Visualizationteacher's hand-outs
2Laboratory of Scientific visualizationon line manuals
3Basics of CAGDteacher's hand-outs
4Basics of Geometry processingteacher's hand-outs
5Python scripting for Blenderon line manuals
6Visual programing in Blender (lab)on line manuals

Learning Assessment

Learning Assessment Procedures

Evaluation of:

a) a visualization project on data assigned from the teacher; (25%)
b) Python script for Blender implementing a Geometry processing algorithm assigne by the teacher; (25%)
c) Development of a simple example of visual program (geometry nodes) in Blender (25%)
d) Interview on the theoretical notions introduced in class  (25%)