Academic Year 2017/2018 - 3° Year - Curriculum A
Teaching Staff: Giovanni GALLO
Credit Value: 9
Scientific field: INF/01 - Informatics
Taught classes: 72 hours
Term / Semester:

Learning Objectives

basic notions about 3d Computer Graphics

basic skills in using a 3d modeling/texturing/rendering state of the art software suite (Blender 3d)

Detailed Course Content

Geometric transformation.

Tesh modeling and representations.

Fundamental rendering equation.

Ray casting, ray tracing, path tracing (montecarlo methods)

Animation and deformation of meshes.

basic of movie languae

basic of CAd: Bezier and NURBS.

Textbook Information

Teacher's hand-outs

Web tutorials

3D ART ESSENTIALS, The Fundamentals of 3D Modeling, Texturing, and Animation, AMI CHOPINE, Focal Press

Fundamental of Computer Graphics (IV ed) Marschner, Shirely, CRC press

Fondamenti di grafica tridimensionale interattiva , Montani, Scopigno Scateni, McGrawHill

Grafica 3d con Blender , Siddi, Apogeo