ETN Modcompshock

PhD in numerical modelling of hyperbolic and kinetic equations
The group of applied and numerical mathematics the University of Catania is looking for a PhD candidate in Numerical Modeling. The position is part of ModCompShock, a 4-year Marie Sklodowska-Curie Initial Training Network The position is for 3 years and aims at developing innovative and efficient numerical methods for evolutive problems governed by hyperbolic systems of Partial Differential Equations or by kinetic equations. The mathematical and numerical aspects will be studied as well as the efficient implementation of the numerical methods in the computer. The candidate is supposed to enrol in the PhD program at the University of Catania, starting October 2016. The candidate will develop theoretical and numerical studies as well as scientific software in the context of the research project, and report results at conferences and in international journals, leading to a PhD dissertation.
Job description: The ITN ModCompShock focuses on the training of young researchers (ESRs) in the general area of nonlinear hyperbolic PDEs, (H-PDEs) with emphasis on innovative modeling and computational methods. The research program within this network will be centered in a prominent field that is placed at the very forefront of modern Computational and Applied Mathematics. Within this general framework, the team of the University of Catania focuses on the development of innovative methods to evolutive pde, and in paricular to non linear hyperbolic and kinetic equations, with various applications, including gephysical flow, rarefied gas dynamics, semiconductor device simulation. The lines of research of the group ranges from the development of new models, the design of high-order shock capturing finite-volume and finite-difference methods, and their numerical analysis, and the efficient implementation on various platforms. Besides, the knowledge and technology transfer is a fundamental aspect of the team activity: there are now collaborations with other institutions, such as University of Ferrara and University of Insubria, and research companies, such as Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV)  focusing on volcano activity monitoring and modeling.
We are looking for a highly motivated candidate with a research master diploma in Applied Mathematics, Computer Sciences, or a closely related field. Applicants with experience in numerical methods of PDEs and scientific computing will be considered. Experience in modeling and uncertainty quantification will be positively valued. Applicants should also possess strong methodological and writing skills and have a good level of English. Knowledge of Italian will be positively valued. Recommendations letters will be considered.
Research fields:

  • Mathematics.
  • Computer Science.
  • Physics.

Career Stage: Early stage researcher or 0-4 yrs (Post graduate).
Research Profiles: First stage researcher (R1).
Benefits: Full-time employment contract, social security coverage including access to the Public Health System.
Salary: The gross salary is of around 2.600€ (+ 500€ of family allowance if applicable).

  • Master Degree or equivalent in Mathemtics and/or Computer Science.
  • Good level of English. Knowledge of Italian will be positively valuated.
  • Experience in numerical methods of PDEs and scientific computing is required. Experience in modeling and uncertainty quantification will be positively valued. Applicants should also possess strong methodological and writing skills.

Follow this link to submit your application


1) Q: What should the package contain?
A: The package contains the application, the reference letters, all the annexed form suitably filled and signed by the applicant, publications and all the documents which can be used to evaluate the applicant. The publications can be included in electronic form using a support such as for example a CD ROM included in the package.

2) Q: Where should be the package with the application be sent?
A: The package containing the application, the reference letters, the publications and all the necessary documents, should be sent

To the Rector of the University of Catania
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Viale Andrea Doria 6, 95125 Catania, Italy.

Following the instructions reported in the call, the envelope containing the application for admission, the qualifications and the publications should report the following wording: 
"Public competition based on qualifications and interview, for the assignment of the following Research Grant for conducting research activity in the scientific sector MAT/08 Numerical Analysis in the framework of the European Project ModCompShock - Modeling and computation of Shocks and Interfaces: call n. 2483”  and the name of the applicant.

3) Q: Can the reference letters be sent electronically?
A: No. As specified in 1), all the documents that will be considered have to be included in package with the application. The reference letters should also be included in the package. If the referent has difficulties sending the letter directly to the candidate, the letter can be included in a sealed envelope. 

4) Q: How should the package be sent?
A: The best thing is to adopt an express courier who guarantees receipt of the package usually within two working days.

For further questions you may contact the scientist in charge of the Catania Unit of the project, Prof. Giovanni Russo (

Minute of the Committee meetings for the evaluation of the titles (posted on September 16th, 2016) and oral examinations (posted on September 27th, 2016):